Building epic things, better than before

EpicConf is an online event series for creative and curious people who understand that yesterday’s methods no longer work, and if we work together, we can build epic things better than before.

The theme of the next event is RE:
We’re featuring leaders who are reinventing, revising and rethinking how we connect and build communities to pave the way for an epic future.


An indigenous approach to creativity: Applying ancient wisdom to the western hustle.

Willow Hill Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer
Scout Lab

Visual storytelling in revolutionary times: being the narrator of your own revolution.

Laura Beltran Villamizar (k.a.k: Lola Beltran Villa) Art Director / Music Producer

In conversation with Cavier about his creative process in times of chaos and the role of art in community building.

Cavier Multi-Media Artist, Photographer, Musician
Cavier Dreams

Building epic things, better than before

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