Who We Are

What is EpicConf?

EpicConf is an online event series for creative and curious people who understand that yesterday’s methods no longer work, and if we work together, we can build epic things better than before. With this platform, we're looking to create a space where people can share, learn, and explore new ideas and possibilities. We want to create positive, empowering events that re-energize us all as we figure out our way forward.

Our Mission

Unlike conferences for the sake of conferences, or conferences designed to sell you something, EpicConf is built for everyone to collectively support each other through these changing times and to contribute to a more epic future.

The Event

The fun part about figuring out how to create special experiences online is that there are different types of event formats to explore, so that’s what we plan to do. For each event, there will be an underlying theme, with three to six speakers giving different styles of sessions. During the breaks, there will be fun, interactive experiences from live music to coffee-making lessons, wine 101 sessions, cooking lessons, and whatever else we scheme up.

The Team

Cris Dobbins - Cris is a creative director who specializes in creating in-person experiences designed for connection and community building. Now that all events (and fun) have been canceled we have all been forced into what feels like a limited set of tools for connecting. The video call just doesn't feel like the hugs we all need. However, Cris is excited about this special time when we get to take a step back, think, design, and build whole new ways to be together online.

Brian Doll - Brian helps companies market and sell more software through Reify, a go-to-market consultancy he co-founded with Michael. While sheltering in place has curtailed group cycling rides and longer dirt adventures, gardening and woodworking have started to fill in the gaps. Brian remains deeply optimistic for the future, taking notes from permaculture, homesteading, and early civilizations to find ways to build more of what has always united us — food, culture, and adventure.

Jana Boruta - Jana has been developing community and experiential marketing programs for the past decade. In March, everything blew up in a blaze of glory and she had to cancel all her large-scale conferences for the year. After a moment of darkness, she rose from the ashes with a renewed sense of energy for what’s next, diving head first into exploring what it means to build digital-first experiences, and believing that we are going to end up coming up with even better things in the future.

Michael Bernstein - Michael spends his time working with Brian as Reify telling companies to use fewer words when trying to communicate about their products, and then using way too many words to communicate about himself. He’s also a partner in a brick and mortar record shop in Washington, DC, which is shuttered because of the Pandemic -- but it hasn’t stopped him from connecting with his community through digital means. He’s a hopeless, almost infuriating optimist who knows that communication is what ties us all together, and that keeps him going every day, even in uncertain times.

Building epic things, better than before

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