Building epic things, better than before

EpicConf is an online event series for creative and curious people who understand that yesterday’s methods no longer work, and if we work together, we can build epic things better than before.

The primary theme of the first event is Transition—changes from old, existing strategies to a better, more inclusive, and more epic future.


How to become a digital thought leader for conferences during a global pandemic in 4 weeks

Jana Boruta Director of Experiential Marketing

Cris Dobbins Creative Director of Experiential Design


How to open and close a restaurant in 6 weeks

Aaron Quint Founder
Kingston Bread Lab


Virtual Reality: How creativity is expanding beyond what we knew was possible

Yelena Rachitsky Executive Producer of Media, AR/VR


Our journey from grief to action - there is no utopia, there is only us

Allison Burtch Founder
IRL Research Lab


Finding focus to get the right things done amid the chaos

Greg McKeown Author


Building epic things, better than before